Top 50+ Hibernate interview questions and answers

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Best Hibernate Interview Questions:

What is hibernate?
What is ORM?
Explain hibernate architecture?
What are the core interfaces of Hibernate?
Explain the important benefits or advantages of Hibernate framework?
Mention some of the advantages of using ORM over JDBC.
Define criteria in terms of Hibernate.
Can you list some of the databases supported by Hibernate.
Can you List the key components of Hibernate.
Mention two components of Hibernate configuration object.
How is SQL query created in Hibernate?
What does HQL stand for?
How is HQL query created?
How can we add criteria to a SQL query?
What is SessionFactory?
Is SessionFactory a thread-safe object?
What is Session?
Is Session a thread-safe object?
What is the difference between and session.persist() method?
What is the difference between update and merge method?
What are the states of the object in hibernate?
How to make an immutable class in hibernate?
What is automatic dirty checking in hibernate?
How many types of association mapping are possible in hibernate?
Is it possible to perform collection mapping with One-to-One and Many-to-One?
What is lazy loading in hibernate?
What is HQL (Hibernate Query Language)?
What is the difference between first level cache and second level cache?
What is Hibernate caching?
What are concurrency strategies?
How to write composite key mapping for hibernate?
Mention the Key components of Hibernate?
Explain the Criteria object in Hibernate?
Describe the method used to create an HQL Query and SQL Query?
Explain Hibernate configuration file and Hibernate mapping file?
Explain the advantages of Hibernate?
What is a One-to-One association in Hibernate?
What is One-to-Many association in Hibernate?
What is second level cache in Hibernate?
What is first level cache in Hibernate?
What is Query level cache in Hibernate?
Which annotation is used to declare a class as a hibernate bean?
Explain the Query object in Hibernate?
What is Many-to-Many association in Hibernate?
What is a Many-to-One association in Hibernate?
Explain the persistent classes in Hibernate?
Explain the Session in Hibernate?
Explain the Transaction object in Hibernate?
What inheritance mapping strategies are available in Hibernate?
What is difference between save and persist in hibernate?
Explain some of the elements of hbm.xml?
What is transient state in hibernate ?
Describe the important interfaces of Hibernate framework?
Explain what is a dialect?
How to create two same tables in different Schema’s by using single configuration file?