Python Tutorial for Beginners to Expert in 30 Days

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What is Python:

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991. It is easy to learn and efficient with high-level data structures. Python codes are much shorter when compare to C, C++, Java.

Application of Pythons

Web Development
Scientific & Numeric ( Data Science, Machine Learning, AI)
Network Programming
Software & Game Development

How to Install Python?

We need to install python to get started. You can download the latest version of python from
You can download for windows, mac, Unix and Linux os

How to check Python Version:

You need to execute the below command to know about the version of python.

>>> python –version

Python has different syntax for version 2.7 and 3.7. In this tutorial, we are using python 3.7 version.

Python First Program

I love the first program in python. Use Print function with curly braces to with quotes text to print hello world.

# This if First Python Program
print(‘Hello, world!’)

  1. Python Get Started
  2. Python Variables and Data Types
  3. Python Identifiers and Reserved Words
  4. Python Comments
  5. Python Operators
  6. Python Casting
  7. Python Strings
  8. Python Conditional Statements
  9. Python Functions
  10. Python For loops
  11. Python Arrays
  12. Python Lists
  13. Python List Comprehension
  14. Python Dictionaries
  15. Python Sets
  16. Python Modules
  17. Python Input/output
  18. Python Errors and Exceptions
  19. Python OOPs
  20. Python Regular Expressions
  21. Python Socket Programming
  22. Migrate from python 2 to Python 3
  23. Python In Built Functions
  24. Python Iterators
  25. Python Modules and Import
  26. Python File Handling
  27. Python and MySQL
  28. Python Programs
  29. Python  fibonacci Number program
  30. Python Abs Program
  31. Python Leap Year Program
  32. Python Factorial Program
  33. Python Prime Number Program
  34. Python Even or Add Number Program
  35. Python Positive or Negative Number Program
  36. Python Simple Calculator Program
  37. Python Program to Convert Decimals
  38. Python Program to celsius to fahrenhei
  39. Python lambda Function Programs
  40. Python mean,median and mode Program
  41. Python Random Number Program
  42. Python Math Functions with Programs
  43. Python statistics with Programs
  44.  Python round Function 
  45.  Python Range Function 
  46. Python Min() and Max() Functions 
  47. Python Zip() Function
  48. Python program to calculate area of traingle

Python for Data Science :

Numpy  Tutorial

Pandas Tutorial

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